Prompt 2: Song Title

Thank you to all who participated in our very first prompt. We’re on this journey together.
Now for the second prompt:

Read IT!

Do you ever listen to music and hear the past? Perhaps it’s an oldies song on the radio and it propels you back to an earlier era. From time to time, I still spin my  old albums on a turntable and the feelings of past decades reemerge. Some good. Some not so good. (I’m just tickled I still remember.)

Music has power to connect and heal. It is therapeutic for caregivers, for family members, as well as for those with dementia who may not remember. Or if they do, they don’t remember accurately. In a future post I’m going to talk more about music therapy. But today’s prompt has a little bit of a twist.

Write IT!

If you were to write a song based on your memories of your loved one, what would you entitle it?

Today’s prompt is to title your song and if you want, write a verse or two. Or just the chorus, if you’re lacking time. The point is just to recollect the music of your loved one’s life, however you interpret that.

Link here or post here. Or write privately.

Just remember Alzheimer’s is a confusing disease. We write to make sense of our confusion.

I’ve entitled mine “Uncertainty” and for some inspiration, I’ve embedded a link to ISADAR’s piano solo titled: “Uncertainty.”


by J.lynn Sheridan

You believed in once upon a time
and all the goodness that hides
behind a stranger’s smile.
You believed that love covers
every sin. Even the hurt in your own
uncertain heart and mind.

If I could close the curtain
on all your uncertain days
I would. Forever.

If I could close the curtain
on all your uncertain pains
I would. Forever.

I would hold you with urgent arms
and tell you that all is fine.
Then hide you forever
until once-upon-a-time
is forever certain in your mind.


5 thoughts on “Prompt 2: Song Title

  1. That was a touching poem and lovely solo.

    Don’t get around much anymore

    Don’t get around much anymore
    It’s awfully different without you
    why stir up memories
    that have abandoned you?
    I guess I’ll have to remember
    for both of us
    cause when I look into your eyes
    you don’t even remember me.
    It’s awfully different without you


  2. I love how the music resonated with your mom even as she washed the dishes. I didn’t know that song so I listened to it: “it brings back a memory of green. I’m with you once more under the stars. . . ” You’ve written a poem within a memory within a song of memory. There is probably a name for that. Brilliant.


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