So, what’s the plan?

Monday night, we faced one of those emergencies that no one can control.

Mom suffered a TIA.

My dad heard her collapse on the bathroom floor. As soon as he could drag her out of the bathroom, he called me to ask what he should do. From a distance, it’s hard to know so I instructed him to get her some juice in case it was a blood sugar issue and while he was getting that, I tried speaking with her over the phone but she was incoherent. It took all of thirty seconds for dad to come back and I practically yelled at him to dial 911.

I’m grateful my brothers live nearby and could accompany him to the hospital. Since I live further away, after the initial emergency, I went down to stay with dad for the next few days.

It was frightening and confusing and left us with an increasing sense of unease. She’s doing well now. Probably better than we are because she doesn’t remember any of it.

But, now we are asking ourselves: How many more of these mini-strokes will she experience? How can we better prepare?

I also wondered why dad hadn’t call the paramedics first and then me. Perhaps it was because he needed validation that it was the right thing to do. Perhaps it is because he is so weary of caring for my mom, that he just couldn’t make the decision on his own.

When the crisis calmed down, I made a list of her meds and names and phone numbers of doctors, in addition to my dad’s and created copies for all the family. That was the first step in formulating a plan as to how we can not only better handle these emergencies but how we can better support dad. He’s a stubborn old Marine who is wary of asking for help. He’ll tell you that, too. You don’t even need to ask.

If you are in a poeming frame of mind, write about a time when you realized you needed a plan, or when a plan failed or better yet, when it was a life saver.

Also, if you have plans for these types of emergencies, what is your best advice?

I’m not too stubborn to ask.

notes-z-dlugopisemPiotr Wojtkowski

“The might of a plan”

Who could know that this place
of This confounding disease
would hold us hostage simply
because we know and you don’t?

One pen One note might save
your heart Might save ours, too.
Mightier than even a sword.


What do you think?

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