Give me some of that Klotho bar


News Alert!

Scientists have discovered a gene that increases intelligence.

I’m keeping my eyes on this news.

Klotho boosts brain skills such as thinking, learning and memory.

That sounds great for those of us who have a functioning hippocampus and firing neurons that connect and speak to each other.

But, what could it mean for those in the throws of dementia?

It’s a spark of hope and it looks like this:

  • The U.S. study found the protein called klotho boosts brain skills
  • Researchers found that this protein could raise IQ by up to six points
  • It also raised the possibility that a ‘smart’ drug could become available

Could this be the golden ticket to eliminating dementia?

If so, I hope it is available soon.

And, I hope it comes in chocolate.

33-1210498591dtRjAnna Langova


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