Why Your Brain Matters

Brains matter

It’s interesting how articles and stories pop up in my inbox that speak to the issues currently on my mind. We know the facts and statistics. Women seem to be the prime target for Alzheimer’s. On both sides of the coin as carers and those being cared for.

I spent two days with mom last week. It was doctor visit  time. Not a good day. For five hours prior to the visit, she was agitated and verbally combative. I have not yet convinced my dad that it’s a good idea not to tell her that she has an appointment. It sets her off. I wish I could convince her that we take her to the doctor not to denigrate or humiliate her but to help her brain remain as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Because her brain matters.

And so does yours.

Because all humans matter.

Join the movement to be 1 million women strong.

Alzheimer’s Association:

“Alzheimer’s disease is forcing too many of us to leave our brains behind. In the United States alone, nearly 13 million women are either living with or caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease. This devastating disease places an unbalanced burden on women at work and at home, forcing them to make unwanted choices about their careers, relationships and other life decisions. Learn More.”

“This movement to celebrate women’s brains is influenced and inspired by The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Takes on Alzheimer’s. It calls on 1 million women to use their amazing brains to help wipe out Alzheimer’s disease. We need the power of each woman’s brain to help solve this problem — and to take action in the fight.”

Poem It!

It’s not only our brains that matter. Our choices matter. For ourselves and our loved ones. What we choose not only affects us but, also, our families.

If I could choose, I’d wipe away this disease. What would you choose, if you could?

Public Domain Pictures

“If she could . . . “

she’d still be feeding the homeless
and greeting the infirmed
who are lost inside their
grief and scourge.

If she could she’d search a way to ease
their pain and give them peace.

But, me?

If I could,

I’d pay for time
to return what really matters,
her mind recaptured
in another full chapter.


What do you think?

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