Where Support is Hiding

The Summer ICK that held me captive since Spring has finally skulked away. PHew!

Check them out!

Sometimes we overlook our real needs or overlook places where we can find support. I want to make you aware of a wonderful online (Facebook) support resource.

Memory People is a lifeline for caregivers and those with Dementia. If you are in need of resources, immediate feedback about an issue, or just need to vent, this is the place to be. Thousands of understanding folks gather here at every hour of the day and night searching for a helping hand, a listening ear, and caregiving tips. So, if you’re on Facebook, search out Memory People.


Write a poem about support. From others. Or support you offer. Or support you weren’t aware that was support.


“The unbeloved gift of stewing”

When you began working and
the stewing teenage me was now
in charge of making dinner for your
husband and your children,
goodwill did not overflow from
my heart. I was not thinking of
ways I could support you. I was not

thinking that learning to cook
was the gift you were giving to me.
I was not thinking that cooking
for you would be the gift
I would give to you forty years

  J.lynn Sheridan 2014


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