Are you Guilty of this?

Last post I discussed a hearing on Alzheimer’s that was held at The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee
on Labor, Health & Human Services.

I left you with this quote by Seth Rogen:

“Alzheimer’s just isn’t a cool disease.”

Rogen is right.

No disease is cool but I get what he is saying. There’s a stigma attached to Alzheimer’s. Just as cancer once had a stigma. Remember when it was called the Big C and spoken only in whispers?

That’s Alzheimer’s now. Or any form of dementia.

Except no one laughs when someone has cancer. We narrow our eyes in concern when our friend reveals
the results of her biopsy. We plan meals for her. Walk her dog for her. Shave our heads in solidarity.

Who me?


In contrast, we smirk, cackle, and make fun of those with Alzheimer’s.

Don’t roll your eyes. I’m sure you’ve heard these expressions or used them yourself:

“Oh, Aunt Sally, is just touched in the head.”

“Mrs. Jones has lost her marbles.”

“Grandma’s crazy.”

Get out your Thesaurus.

The English language collects phrases and words to describe someone with a brain disease:

Senile, mad as a hatter, nutty as a fruitcake . . . DEMENTED.

We bully with our words and our actions. We giggle when grandpa loses his dentures. We chuckle when Mrs. Wrinkleface tells us she married Abe Lincoln. We elbow our friends when Mr. Frump walks the street in his pajamas and say he’s bananas, wacko, loco, screwy, lost in space, out to lunch, screwball. 

Sound familiar?

Open a Dictionary.

Look up the word BULLY.

Are you guilty?



What do you think?

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