Blood and Moon

This week I’ve read more questionable causes for Alzheimer’s than any other week, I think.


Here are just a few. Some are misses in the case of my mom’s Alzheimer’s.
But, I came across a few hits, too.

  • Lack of Vitamin D: Mom got enough sunlight. Her bout with melanoma is proof.
  • Toxins in seafood: Meh. Mom didn’t over indulge in seafood.
  • Herpes: There are various kinds of herpes virus. I never knew mom to ever have a cold sore. And I’m just guessing here, but my inclination is to say, since my parents are basically Puritans, this is a no way.
  • Anti-anxiety drugs and sleep aids cause dementia: Mom wouldn’t swallow anything other than a vitamin pill. (Has anyone researched vitamins as a cause for Alzheimer’s?)
  • Women are more apt to get Alzheimer’s: Okay. She’s a woman. Now we’re on to something.
  • Women who’ve had hysterectomies and their ovaries removed are more apt to get Alzheimer’s: BINGO!! We’ve hit on a second thing true for my mom.
  • People with AB blood type are more prone to getting Alzheimer’s: Really! That’s three for three.

Conclusion: If AB + C = D, and If AB is the lifeblood and C is whatever makes one female (Abundance of non- male HORMONES such as estrogen and progestin)

Then D results. (D being Alzheimer’s.) *

So, if I’m interpreting the data correctly, the culprit appears to be blood and whatever hormones are swimming around in it. **

Today’s unscientific poem prompt blends this theory poetically.


The Blood Curse

by J.lynn Sheridan

When your turn came it was
the Cycle of Moon’s Blood,

the curse that overflowed,
quickly dethroned by scalpel,
banishing you from the female  race.
(You wore it like a blemish.)
Still your rare liqueur flowed
hour by hour
year by year
quietly leering at you.


*bizarrely unscientific method

**bizarrely unscientific conclusion


What do you think?

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