Midlife Stress and Alzheimer’s

Is it possible that a midlife divorce or a car accident or a lost of a job will trigger Alzheimer’s? Alzheimer’s Weekly cites a study that says yes.

Let’s look at the facts about divorce: The Baby Boomer generation, now middle-aged, is continuing with the pattern of high marital instability rate. Can’t deny that divorce is big business and stressful to the couple and their kids.

Does this mean a higher rate of dementia?

What about car accidents? Since 2012, Motor vehicle crashes and fatalities increased. Makes sense. More cars on the road. More accidents. More injuries.

Does this mean more dementia?

Job loss? Who hasn’t suffered a job loss at some time? If not you, then a spouse.

Does this mean more?

If this study is true, we are all doomed to this disease.

I don’t like these studies. They imply that to avoid dementia, you need to live in some kind of constant state of Nirvana. To me, that sounds stressful. And unproductive. And really painful.


Get Real

Everybody has experienced a major stressful event in their life. Most of us fumble through one or two minor ones every day. The big ones pop up a few times a year—a death, a move, a house fire, a medical emergency, a chronic health issue, an unexpected new car purchase because the old one died while you were driving your husband to the hospital because he severed his thumb with circular saw.

Get this

My mom never divorced. She was never in a major car accident. She never lost a job. Nor did my father.  He did sever his thumb with a circular saw. Heck, he severed his leg with a chain saw. Is that what brought on her dementia? What about him? He doesn’t have dementia.

What about all the health studies that say all you need to do is monitor your stress levels?

I’ve posted previously that my mom exercised her whole life.

Dad didn’t. She ate right. He didn’t.

Maybe it’s the toxins in our food. The headlines blaze in neon that it’s aluminum or lack of sleep or bitterness.

Maybe it’s pizza. (gasp!)

Maybe it’s this. Maybe it’s that.

I’m dizzy from all the maybe’s and . . .

I’m not buying it

None of it. None of the studies are hitting on a human cause. Sometimes things just happen.

The New Testament states: For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. (Matt 5:45)

Things happen to all of us in this imperfect world.

I do pray for a cure. I pray God gives insight to the researchers, the doctors, the caregivers.

In the end, we all die. The stats on that so far, is 100%.

But, I don’t fear death.

I fear The Slow Forget.


What do you think?

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