Finding the Why

Today I am highlighting a captivating short film that proves that life with dementia can be enriching. When I read the accompanying article, Person-centred care film wins international award | Dementia Daily, I felt a sense of relief and encouragement that a care facility exists that focuses on the person, not on the disease. Then I watched the video. Instead of hearing negative phrases and doomsday, I heard hope.

Consider these quotes.

  • “People need to feel important. Give them dignity, choice, allow them to be a person.”
  • “We respond to how others treat us. Be present. Encourage them. Be engaging.”
  • “You have to have something to look forward to.”
  • “Risk is a normal thing you live with in your life. Doing something is better than sitting around and doing nothing. We have to value their choices.”
  • “Help people remember and retain who they are and why they are. The why is important. We need to inspire them.”
  • “You gotta live until you die.”

This film is beautiful and inspiring. Please take some time to watch. It a short sixteen minutes long. Then please consider sharing this video so others will know that care does not need to be controlling or dutiful.

Finding the Why – Starrett Lodge, UnitingCare from Fire Films on Vimeo.

These are the reasons why funding for dementia care is vital. It takes money to fulfill bucket lists. But, it also takes heart and compassion to change the face of dementia care. It can be done. One facility at a time.

Hope is vital to living.

Find the why of living and share it.


What do you think?

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