About The Slow Forget

Welcome to The Slow Forget.

I began this blog to post poems about my mom’s Alzheimer’s journey. My original tag was “Remembering for them through poetry.”

But, I found myself writing about the current issues of dementia and poetry. I’m not sure it was working.

So, I changed it.

I am a poet. And a writer. And an editor.

My mom doesn’t even know I write. Mr. Alzheimer’s has taken control of her brain. I’m a long-distance care-giver.

This blog is about my mom. Your mom. Your dad. Your cousin, grandma, aunt, neighbor, client, etc.

You might be an at-home care-giver. You may be further along this journey than I am. Or just beginning.

But, we all have something to say about this disease of “Slow Forget.”

I want to inform you of new findings, issues, and current news stories. I want to hear your stories, your sorrows, and your celebrations of Alzheimer’s. The good, the bad, the ugly.

If things go well, I’ll start a Facebook group for Alzheimer’s/dementia.

Let’s create a time capsule for AD. For our loved ones. So we can remember for them.

God bless you.

P.S. If you’re interested in poetry, head over to my other poetry blog: Writing On the Sun where I post challenges found in cyber-world, forms, Vintage poetry, biographies, and anything else I find interesting. Including personal poems.


3 thoughts on “About The Slow Forget

  1. I have written many poems about my mother and dementia – this one was published in poetryrepairs http://www.poetryrepairs.com/v12/130.html Others are collected in my book Bravo Charlie Foxtrot, written when I came “home” to help care for her. http://www.amazon.com/Bravo-Charlie-Foxtrot-Mercedes-Webb-Pullman-ebook/dp/B00HZ71T2O/ref=la_B00AJWI5CE_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1390865705&sr=1-1


  2. I took care of an aunt with Alzheimer’s and watched her decline over six years until she passed away. Alzheimer’s is a scourge on those of us in the family who see our loved ones decline on a daily basis. Good luck. Your blog may be good for your own mental health.


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