Who’s calling?

Eh? Prior to Mom's diagnoses of AD, we wondered if she merely had a hearing problem because she kept asking us to repeat what we'd said. LOUDER. We'd raise our voices then whisper behind her back that maybe we should get her hearing checked. I have a dear friend who is an audiologist so it … Continue reading Who’s calling?


Where Support is Hiding

The Summer ICK that held me captive since Spring has finally skulked away. PHew! Check them out! Sometimes we overlook our real needs or overlook places where we can find support. I want to make you aware of a wonderful online (Facebook) support resource. Memory People is a lifeline for caregivers and those with Dementia. … Continue reading Where Support is Hiding

What the hell happened to my brain?

 What the hell happened to my brain? I never met Kate Swaffer. But, I love her question. Kate was featured in Wikking Dementia Research’s online MOOC called Understanding Dementia. She was diagnosed with early onset Semantic Dementia. It began with several headaches and lapses in word recognition. No one expects to receive a diagnosis of … Continue reading What the hell happened to my brain?

So, what’s the plan?

Monday night, we faced one of those emergencies that no one can control. Mom suffered a TIA. My dad heard her collapse on the bathroom floor. As soon as he could drag her out of the bathroom, he called me to ask what he should do. From a distance, it’s hard to know so I … Continue reading So, what’s the plan?


What's it mean? That term almost sounds like code for a new street drug. Or a pre-dinner drink. For caregivers, sundowning occurs almost on cue every single day. Sundowners is a frustrating syndrome manifesting at twilight. It’s that difficult time of day when the Alzheimer’s-afflicted begin to exhibit particular repetitive behaviors and it continues sometimes … Continue reading Sundowners

Wisdom’s Simples

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote: "Not only is the presence of the aged in itself remedial, but their minds are stored with antidotes, wisdom's simples, plain considerations overlooked by youth. They have matter to communicate, be they never so stupid. Their talk is not merely literature, it is great literature; classic by virtue of the speaker's … Continue reading Wisdom’s Simples

Prompt: Teach

The week Some weeks simmer on low then lash out at us. While a naughty cold brewed, my laptop decided to crash and now I’m in danger of missing a deadline because my head feels like it’s in a vice and it’s working in slow mo. The good: I still remember how to use a … Continue reading Prompt: Teach

Prompt 2: Song Title

Thank you to all who participated in our very first prompt. We're on this journey together. Now for the second prompt: Read IT! Do you ever listen to music and hear the past? Perhaps it’s an oldies song on the radio and it propels you back to an earlier era. From time to time, I … Continue reading Prompt 2: Song Title

Prompt 1: Morning

More than five million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s. That’s five million people who wake with a diminishing memory. And more than five million caregivers who wake to a new behavior or decline to adjust to. We’re all aware of sundowner’s syndrome, when our loved ones become agitated and confused toward later afternoons. But, mornings are … Continue reading Prompt 1: Morning