Finding the Why

Today I am highlighting a captivating short film that proves that life with dementia can be enriching. When I read the accompanying article, Person-centred care film wins international award | Dementia Daily, I felt a sense of relief and encouragement that a care facility exists that focuses on the person, not on the disease. Then I watched the … Continue reading Finding the Why


H is for Hands

My guest today is Carol. This weekend her family will gather for a memorial for her father who recently passed away. While her post is entitled "H is for Hands," it is your heart that will grow a few sizes today. H is for Hands Years ago, I read that one of the sad parts about getting … Continue reading H is for Hands

Gott ist die Liebe

Gott ist die Liebe Easter week has begun and I thought it would be apropos to write my "G" post with that in mind. There is no other time of the year like Easter - the Passover Lamb, new birth, new life. Bare with me as a travel back in time for a moment to one … Continue reading Gott ist die Liebe

Fantasy, Friendships, and Fallibility

I received a text from my sister a few weeks ago. This is a synopsis of our conversation: Sister: Mom is going to call you. Me: Why? Sister: She doesn’t remember how to dial your number so I’m calling you for her. (a cryptic       answer) Phone rings. Me: Hi, Mom. Mom: Who … Continue reading Fantasy, Friendships, and Fallibility

Everybody is an Expert

If you’ve been following me, you know I’m alphabetizing the facets, the experiences, and the whowhatwherewhenwhy's of dementia. No matter if they are direct effects or obtuse effects. For the letter E, I decided to write a letter to my younger mother advising her of all the health recommendations she could have taken (according to today’s … Continue reading Everybody is an Expert

Dentures, Desks, and Dementia

My desire for this blog is to personalize the Alzheimer's journey and share how it affects families. Today, I have invited blogger and friend Carol Cooney to share her story. It is touching and memorable. Dentures, Desks, and Dementia by Carol Cooney My Dad died three weeks ago. He would have been disappointed that he only made it … Continue reading Dentures, Desks, and Dementia

Caregivers, Cafes, and Curcumin

Cheering for the Caregivers This week I am applauding all the unsung caregivers in the world. Each day these angels perform tasks that are out of the ordinary for the general population. They deal with challenging activities of daily living like bathing, managing meals and feedings, medications, incontinence, diapers, dentures, dressing, transferring, neuropsychiatric symptoms, and … Continue reading Caregivers, Cafes, and Curcumin

B is for Befuddling Behavior

Had any “senior moments” lately? You know . . . the kind when you forget your neighbor’s name, or you think you have still have a day to buy your husband a birthday gift only to realize his birthday is today, or you drive away from a funeral home only to realize you left your … Continue reading B is for Befuddling Behavior

The ABC’s of Dementia

Today starts a new series on The Slow Forget--The ABC's of Dementia. I never thought there was so much to say about this disease, but there is. So, (cue the music) let's start at the very beginning. It's a very good place to start. "A" is for Anxiety Anxiety is a normal reaction when your … Continue reading The ABC’s of Dementia

The Arts and Alzheimer’s

My poetic friend, Michelle Pond, co-hosts a radio show about the arts. Recently, she interviewed Deborah Shouse, author of Love in the Land of Dementia: Finding Hope in the Caregiver’s Journey, along with her performance buddy, Ron Zoglin. Both Deborah and Ron are entertainers as well as writers. In this radio interview with Michelle, they … Continue reading The Arts and Alzheimer’s