Mom’s Summer Vacation

What a fantastical interesting summer Mom had. She went on not just one, but two cruises with her dogs and her Aunt Elsie, who is quite overweight. Mom said Elsie was off balancing the ship. We learned that Roger was the captain. (It's interesting that she chose Aunt Elsie to go on a cruise with … Continue reading Mom’s Summer Vacation


Are you My Mother?

Years ago, when my kids were younger, I read them a book called Are You My Mother? written by P.D. Eastman. It's about a baby bird in search of his mother, whom he has never seen because when he hatched, she was searching for food. He finds a kitten, a hen, a dog, and a … Continue reading Are you My Mother?

What’s Your Name Again?

I have a question: If your mother thought you were someone else, would you address her as "Mom?" Confused? Me too. I have two examples. Example 1 My mom is sitting across from me on the sofa at her house. Mom: "So, how's your mother doing?" Me: "Um . . . she's fine." Mom: "What … Continue reading What’s Your Name Again?

Are We Defined by Our Memories?

  I once knew a man who was deaf. He claimed to have zero memories before the age of twenty. (The educational system had somehow neglected him.) He was just out of his teens when a kind soul began teaching him words and sign language. So, as he learned that words were associated with meaning, … Continue reading Are We Defined by Our Memories?

Is Laughter Ever Appropriate?

  One day, several months ago, my mom and I were discussing our names. Specifically her initials: MAD. She said her mother made a mistake in naming her. But, the problem got worse when Mom got married and added an E to the first three, making her initials now MADE. “And you know what that … Continue reading Is Laughter Ever Appropriate?

Keeping Them/Us Safe/Alive

This has been difficult to write. I've lost some sleep over it. You’ll learn why as you read. Forgive my wordiness. Shortly after my last post, The Glen Campbell special I’ll Be Me aired on CNN. Campbell, as you probably know, was diagnosed with ALZ in 2011. The promo for the documentary reads: “In 2011, … Continue reading Keeping Them/Us Safe/Alive

B is for Befuddling Behavior

Had any “senior moments” lately? You know . . . the kind when you forget your neighbor’s name, or you think you have still have a day to buy your husband a birthday gift only to realize his birthday is today, or you drive away from a funeral home only to realize you left your … Continue reading B is for Befuddling Behavior

Is it Dementia or Alzheimer’s?

When people ask me if my mom has Dementia or Alzheimer's, I just smile and say, YES. It is Dementia. And it is Alzheimer's. Then they ask, "Isn't there a patch for that?" Or, "How did she get it?" Or, "She has kind of been acting weird." And my smile turns into a GRRR. Then … Continue reading Is it Dementia or Alzheimer’s?

Why Your Brain Matters

Brains matter It’s interesting how articles and stories pop up in my inbox that speak to the issues currently on my mind. We know the facts and statistics. Women seem to be the prime target for Alzheimer’s. On both sides of the coin as carers and those being cared for. I spent two days with mom … Continue reading Why Your Brain Matters

Understanding Dementia

The Alert: Statistics are out. Every    68    seconds,    someone    in    the    United    States develops Alzheimer’s. One in three seniors die with some type of dementia. It’s mind-boggling. We need to have a better understanding of this disease. The Offering: A free on-line course. “The University of Tasmania's first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Understanding Dementia, … Continue reading Understanding Dementia