Keeping Them/Us Safe/Alive

This has been difficult to write. I've lost some sleep over it. You’ll learn why as you read. Forgive my wordiness. Shortly after my last post, The Glen Campbell special I’ll Be Me aired on CNN. Campbell, as you probably know, was diagnosed with ALZ in 2011. The promo for the documentary reads: “In 2011, … Continue reading Keeping Them/Us Safe/Alive


Midlife Stress and Alzheimer’s

Is it possible that a midlife divorce or a car accident or a lost of a job will trigger Alzheimer’s? Alzheimer's Weekly cites a study that says yes. Let’s look at the facts about divorce: The Baby Boomer generation, now middle-aged, is continuing with the pattern of high marital instability rate. Can’t deny that divorce … Continue reading Midlife Stress and Alzheimer’s

Blame Game Part 2

Several posts ago I blamed grandma for Alzheimer’s. Oh, now don’t get your knickers in a twist. It was more of metaphor. But, just to be fair, today I’m putting the blame on  a particular personality trait and stress. Female neurotics be forewarned Neuroticism may trigger Alzheimer’s. Neurotics: defined as introverted women who are easily … Continue reading Blame Game Part 2